April 8, 2017

Brother Elvin J. Parker III, D. Min            Worshipful Master           

Brother George L. Lockhart, Ed.D          Senior Warden                 

Brother James Patterson                       Junior Warden                  

Brother Joseph D. Anderson                   Secretary                            

Brother Alexander L. Cox                        Treasurer                           

Brother Solomon A. Burgess                  Senior Deacon                 

Brother Joel H. Simmons, Elder             Junior Deacon                    

Brother Emmanuel G. Garrett                 Senior Steward                

Brother Harold A. Taylor                         Junior Steward                

Brother Benjamin Crawford, P.hD           Marshall                               

Brother Robert L. Smith                          Tyler                                

Brother James E. Lamons, Th.D            Chaplain                             

Brother Charles D. Rawls, Sr. (2019)     3rd Year Trustee              

Brother Henry Taylor (2018)                   2nd Year Trustee               

Brother (2017)                                        1st Year Trustee              

Brother Clarence D. Williams III             Craft

2017 First Class of Candidates Class Anthony T. Stafford, KYCH

Brother Alex D. Freeman

Brother Demetri O. Dale

Brother Clarence E. Bess

Brother Darryl L. Wright

Brother Sean A. Horne

Brother Jeffrey D. West, Jr.

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