According to the existing records, the first warranted Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons among Men of Color in Pennsylvania, was erected by  the Right Worshipful Grand Master Prince Hall, assisted by the Grand Wardens Cyrus Forbes and George Middleton of the African Grand Lodge of Massachusetts on September 22, 1797, in Philadelphia. This Lodge was known as the African Lodge No. 459 of Philadelphia. Minutes are recorded HERE.


                                      Prince Hall                                       Reverend Absalom Jones                                 Bishop Richard Allen 







This action came as the result of a communication, dated March 2, 1797, from Peter Matore of Philadelphia to Freemasons of color residing In the city of Philadelphia.


The Reverend Absalom Jones of the African Church of Philadelphia was elected Worshipful Master and Bishop Richard Allen, founder and first Bishop of the A.M.E. Church, was elected the first Treasurer. The pioneering spirit which led to the establishment of these great institutions of responsibility and service to the black community of yesteryear was fostered in the organization of the Free African Society, a beneficial and moral reform society among free blacks, on April 12, 1787, in Philadelphia. The first insurance beneficial society among free blacks also came as a result of the activities of the Free African Society, as well as the movement for the establishment of schools for the education of free black children. The success of the latter movement is owed largely to the generous aid and support given by the Society of Friends (Quaker) community in the city of Philadelphia.


The laudable activities of the brethren of African Lodge of Philadelphia spurred a keen interest in the affairs of Freemasonry to the extent that more lodges were erected in Philadelphia by the Massachusetts Grand Body, i.e., Union Lodge (1810), Laurel Lodge No. 5 (1811), and Phoenix Lodge No. 6 (1814). Acting in accordance with Masonic custom and tradition, the Past Masters of these four lodges met in solemn session on December 27, 1815, in the city of Philadelphia with the unanimous consent of the brethren and erected the "First African Independent Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, for and in the Jurisdiction of North America," with the following Grand Lodge Officers elected:


Rev. Absalom Jones, Right Worshipful Grand Master

Peter Richmond, Deputy Grand Master

Alexander Logan, Senior Grand Warden

Matthew Black, Junior Grand Warden

Anthony Clain, Grand Treasurer

William Coleman, Grand Secretary


On November 21, 2016, Dr. (Bro) Elvin J. Parker, III received permission from Most Wishful Union Grand Lodge (MWUGL) of Florida for Under Dispensation (UD) to seek interests in the Riviera Beach, FL area. The new lodge would be under the name Bishop Richard Allen Masonic Lodge #11.


On April 8, 2017, the MWUGL of Florida under The Honorable Walter Gulley, Jr., the 18th Most Worshipful Grand Master; Right Worshipful Jeffrey Jones, Deputy Grand Master; Right Worshipful Gus Harris, Jr., Senior Grand Warden; Right Worshipful Phillip Robinson, Grand Secretary; and Right Worshipful Melvin Wright, Grand Treasurer granted a full charter to Bishop Richard Allen Masonic Lodge #11 of Riviera Beach, FL. 



Brother Elvin J. Parker III, D. Min            Worshipful Master           

Brother George L. Lockhart, Ed.D          Senior Warden                 

Brother James Patterson                       Junior Warden                  

Brother Joseph D. Anderson                   Secretary                            

Brother Alexander L. Cox                        Treasurer                           

Brother Solomon A. Burgess                  Senior Deacon                 

Brother Joel H. Simmons, Elder             Junior Deacon                    

Brother Emmanuel G. Garrett                 Senior Steward                

Brother Harold A. Taylor                         Junior Steward                

Brother Benjamin Crawford, P.hD           Marshall                               

Brother Robert L. Smith                          Tyler                                

Brother James E. Lamons, Th.D            Chaplain                             

Brother Charles D. Rawls, Sr. (2019)     3rd Year Trustee              

Brother Henry Taylor (2018)                   2nd Year Trustee               

Brother (2017)     TBA                              1st Year Trustee              

Brother Clarence D. Williams III             Craft



2017 First Class of Candidates Class Anthony T. Stafford, KYCH

Brother Alex D. Freeman

Brother Demetri O. Dale

Brother Clarence E. Bess

Brother Darryl L. Wright

Brother Sean A. Horne

Brother Jeffrey D. West, Jr.


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